May 8, 2021

Travel Restrictions In Canada Extended Until Halloween

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Canada has again extended travel restrictions to foreign travellers as cases of Covid-19 continue to increase.

The new government of Canada Order in Council stressed that coronavirus travel restrictions will be extended until the end of the month, that is, October 31.

Expect gathered from CIC News that the Canadian government firstly “closed its borders from March 18 to June 30. Since then travel restrictions have been rolled over on a month-by-month basis”

It should be noted that the government of Canada closed its borders restricting foreign travellers who are coming to Canada for unimportant reason.

However, Some people are not affected by the travel restrictions, such as:

*Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) or permanent residents;

*certain people who have been approved for Canadian permanent residence;

*certain temporary foreign workers;

*certain international students;

*protected persons;

*immediate family members of Canadians; or

*anyone else who falls under the exemptions listed on the. This is according to the Government website.

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