April 17, 2021

Finding Your Touch-bearer:

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By Semiye Michael 

At times it is cheaper, better and wiser to find a touch-bearer; someone who knows the road because he has walked it through. If you find a great and selfless pathfinder, I advise that you journey with him to arrive your own destination easier and faster.

It will only cost you some level of humility and sense of purpose.

Many times, starting a new journey all by yourself in this sick world (especially in a place like Nigeria) can be a nightmare; and you know how this is.

We still have great mentors looking for who to offer their shoulders to lift up….. I see a generation of people who only lacks the patient to act humble and be accountable. I see people who hide behind social media to turn themselves into mentors when the only thing that is real about their lives are their access to the internet and their ability to make posts that totally negate their own life and competence.

A mentor is not a person with university degree. A mentor is not the handsome or beautiful person that appeals to you. A mentor is not a parent (dad or mum). A mentor is not an old person. A mentor is not that person who says she or he is a mentor.

A mentor is a proven individual with baggages of life threatening experiences but who have gone through life with a sounding stories of accomplishments: the announced and unannounced accomplishments. And he is ready to go all the way to show you through the way.

These guys are around. They are yearning daily to find who to offload their entire life into, they are craving to meet that chap smart enough to figure them out. But we are a busy generation…. busy people doing nothing. A generation that will go on debt to impress a people that got no time to see them. A fake community who can trade their destiny over a needless competition. A people who can set up a war with someone who can kill them even if he is sleeping and snoring. A generation that has lost touch with wisdom. They value iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, MacBooks, Social interactions more than wisdom, human relationship and guidance.

Although it is evident that success in life is not for the majority and it is not always about how beautiful the beginning looks like….. there is more in life than the eyes can see.

Your touch-bearer is gently waiting for you to get in touch. Don’t get lost pursuing vain glory…… a glorious end awaits you.

.. OluwaSemiye Michael is an educationist.

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