US Govt Blocks FDA’s Ramped Up Covid-19 Vaccine Guidelines

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Just In: Facing a White House blockade, the Food and Drug Administration is seeking other avenues to ensure that vaccines meet the guidelines. That includes sharing the standards with an outside advisory committee of experts — perhaps as soon as this week — that is supposed to meet publicly before any vaccine is authorized for emergency use. The hope is that the committee will enforce the guidelines, regardless of the White House’s reaction – the New York Times.

The White House has decided to block the Food and Drug Administration’s tough new policy on emergency authorization of a Covid-19 vaccine, some news platforms reported Monday,

According to the Washington Post, “nixing a guideline that would have made it almost impossible for a vaccine to be cleared before Election Day.

“The move is the latest in an escalating tug-of-war over those rules: President Trump has repeatedly said a vaccine would be ready by Nov. 3, and many scientists fear he might attempt to intervene in a review process designed to boost public trust in a vaccine”.

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