May 8, 2021

Darasimi and Lawrence Viral Traditional Wedding:

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“The Lord made it great for us. The Lord fought down His glory over us. It was Awesome and Glorious” – Mike Bamiloye

Darasimi Bamiloye biography”

OluwaDarasimi Mike-Bamiloye (her full name) is a graduate of English from Babcock University.

The daughter of Mike Bamiloye is a drama minister, spoken word artist and many more talents.

Darasimi is the third and last child of the Christian Film director Mike and Gloria Bamiloye that is popular in the Christian movies industry known as Mount Zion films..

Born 14 May, she serve her one year National Youth Service Corps programme in Kebbi State.

She is from Ilesa, Osun State (according to Wikipedia) the Yoruba speaking town in south west Nigeria.

“Lawrence Oyor biography”

Lawrence, apart from being a gospel singer, is also a graduate of Law from University of Ibadan 2013 set. Nigeria Law School-Yola he study to practice law.

Lawrence Oyor from Ibadan, Oyo State, is born on 16 June, 1992 and he speaks English, Yoruba language and Ibibio-Efik.

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