June 15, 2021

US Election: There Is No Crying In Trump Removal, By Michael Moore

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By Michael Moore 

I am writing this at 7:45am on Nov 4 and here’s how I see it. First, I just slept like a baby in my chair with the TV blaring. For 3 hours. That’s cause I dozed off at 4:30am knowing this: Millions of ballots — all of them from early and mail-in voting which the majority of Democrats did — had not been counted! In Pennsylvania, I knew that the majority of those 2.2 MILLION uncounted ballots were from registered Democrats. When I fell asleep, the map of Michigan showed Flint as red! Hahaha!!

And here’s the bottom line: After all the hoopla of the last 12 hours, ONLY Biden has been able to flip a state AND an electoral college delegate district that had gone the other way in 2016. That state is Arizona and it went to Biden (and THAT was called by FOX News!). The one other elector that changed from 2016 to last night was the 2nd Congressional district of Nebraska which had gone for Trump in 2016 — and it was won by Biden yesterday. Trump has not flipped a single state that Hillary won! Only Biden is flipping states and electors that Trump won in 2016. And he will flip more today as the ballots continue to be counted.

Here’s the facts:

The mail-in ballots had not been counted by 4am in PA, MI, and WI. Of those 2.2 million ballots that had not been counted in PA, 66% of them had been sent to registered Democrats. In Michigan, Detroit and Flint are still not fully counted. Same in Wisconsin — oh, and now Milwaukee’s votes have just come in — and Biden has gone ahead in Wisconsin!

TV last night provided Trump with the graphic map he needed — all those states in blood red — so Trump came out and stood in the middle of the night in front of a hundred American flags and declared victory and ordered the counting of all the ballots to cease. Halt! he ordered. The places he demanded the counting to be stopped are the places… wait for it!… they are the places with majority Black voters! Just like a thug bigoted strongman leader would do in a non-democracy. He then declared that he would immediately go to his Supreme Court. The one he packed. Will this bastard Court do his bidding? Will we stand for it?

We had been warned about not being fooled by all the early “red” on the map — the “red mirage.” Too many pundits wasted too much time this week smoking the bad weed that the DNC and some in the media had been handing out. “Oooh, I think we can win Texas!” “People in South Carolina will remove Lindsay Graham!” “Ohio will GO BLUUUUUE!” Seriously? Have you been to Ohio?

The ballot counters have now gotten a little sleep and they have started counting again. And every ten minutes, for the last hour, Biden has continued to gain on Trump. Trump tried hard to flip two Hillary states from 2016 — Minnesota and New Hampshire. He lost both last night. This is not over. Stop crying! There is no crying in Trump Removal!

Demand every single vote be counted. A group called “Protect the Results” is organizing protests. Go to their site now and sign up! The only vote thief here will be Trump.

And finally, sadly, as to why our fellow Americans did not repudiate Trump yesterday in a massive way, as to why nearly 70 million Americans still embrace a bigot and a psychopath — well, we must have that discussion soon as to who we REALLY are. Shameful. Apologies to our Black brothers and sisters, and apologies to the rest of the world.

.. Michael Francis Moore is an American documentary filmmaker, author, and activist.

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