May 12, 2021

For the first time, Israel ships agricultural produce to UAE

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In what appears to be an effort to cement the new bilateral relation between both countries, Israel last week exported the ever first agricultural produce to United Arab Emirates.

This is following an official approval from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities.

The shipment which included about 200 kg of dates also had propagating materials.

Israel received official approval from the Emirates to export fresh agricultural produce and raw materials after series of meetings and coordination between Israel’s Minister of Agriculture Alon Schuster, and the Director-General of his office, Dr. Nahum Itzkovich, and their colleagues in the UAE’s Office for Climate Change and the Environment.

Pundits believe this is one of the latest bilateral developments in the rapidly budding relations between Israel and the UAE.

Recall that Israel, the UAE and Bahrain in a historic move signed a peace agreement at the White House on September 15.

It was the first agreement to be signed between Israel and an Arab country in 25 years.

The UAE was the first major Arab state to recognize Israel since the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty was signed in October 1994.

The Abraham Accords as it is called was announced on August 13.

It is the first between a Gulf state and Israel and expected to lead to similar agreements with other Arab countries.

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