May 6, 2021

The Rule of Democracy, by Nkiruka Nistoran:

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By Nkiru Nistoran 

In our world today, we have been witnessing strange things happening; Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and the US election as a case study.

Let me say in a democracy nobody is above the law and this brought me to Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala case. She was elected to lead the World Trade Organization, [WTO] but the United States veto the vote because they want the organization to be led by someone protecting their interest, However, going against the majority. Where is the democracy?

Inside a pandemic world, all eyes are on US election results. People from all the corners of this planet are eager to know if Joe Biden is the president of #USA, or Trump calling for recounting the votes that will give him the second term.

The media have projected that Joe Biden won, but Donald Trump said there were voting fraud demanding legal vote to be counted.

That’s DEMOCRACY. Capital letters. That’s the right way to look into people’s choice. Each and every vote count. Maybe not in countries where democracy is just a word in the dictionary, but in any country following democracy. That countries, those people, will not follow a name, a party, or a supreme leader, they will follow democracy.

For #Biafra to be borne we all need to understand what democracy means and to follow the democratic approach. Referendum, free elections, equality between candidates. It may sound rough but are you ready for being proud Biafrans in a free country? Then act like free Biafrans, knowing the democracy rules. Don’t stone different opinions, don’t fight different views, don’t be basement for leaders but be leaders by voting.

Let follow the rules of democracy for a better world.

… Nkiru Nistoran is Journalist.

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