June 12, 2021

15 Female impregnated, 2 police trainees Sacked at Mozambique Police Training School:

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The Mozambican government has expelled two police training instructors after they were found guilty of impregnating a total of 15 students at a police training school —Gemid News

Mozambique Minister of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs in the Republic of Mozambique, Helena Kida said an investigation into the matter had commenced.

The honorable minister said, it is not yet clearly confirmed how many students the two impregnated but reports had it that 15 police trainees had been impregnated after they were “harassed” into having relationships with instructors.

Sources reports that the two were accused of sexual abuse meted upon 15 women trainees at the Matalana police practical school, on the outskirts of Maputo town.

According to Kida, “The two have so far been expelled from the corporation and a culmination of the disciplinary proceedings instituted against them. They have been accused of sexual harassments which led to 15 trainees becoming pregnant.”

Reports of female recruits’ harassment first popped up at the facility in August this year. Interestingly, justice for the women has been demanded by the Mozambique Police Association.

Despite the stoppage as a result of the incident, Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi assured the 15 trainees that they will be allowed to continue with their training at a particular time yet to be announced.

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