March 7, 2021

US election: Trump signals he is prepared to leave white house.

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Donald Trump has said he will leave the white house if Joe Biden is formally confirmed as the next US president.

Answering reporter’s questions for the first time since losing the 3rd November vote, Mr Trump insisted, however, that “the race is far from being over”

He has refused to concede, citing unsubstantated claims of voter’s fraud

Individual states are currently certifying their results, after Mr Biden has been projected as the winner with an unassailable lead.

The Democrate leads Mr Trump 306 votes to 232 under the electoral college system that is used to pick US presidents.

The tally is far more than the 270 needed to win, and Mr Biden also leads the popular votes by more than six million

Electors will meet to formalise the result on 14th December with mr Biden due to be sworn in as president on 20th January

Earlier this week, Mr Trump finally agreed to allow the formal transition to president elect Biden’s team to begin following several week of uncertainty

The decision means Mr Biden is able to receive top security to brief and access key government officials and millions of dollars in funds as he prepares to take over.

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