April 20, 2021

Marriage Anniversary: Joy Edjeren Celebrates With Handsome Husband, Shares Experiences:

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Former Nollywood Actress, Evangelist Joy Edjeren on Monday, celebrated her 6th-year marriage anniversary.

The popular online Evang, took to her official Facebook page and shared her experiences in marriage.

She wrote;
As we celebrate six years of marriage this November, here are 9 lessons I want you to learn about marriage:

1. First year of marriage is the most selfless love you will ever experience. When your partner says ” jump”….you will reply “How high”?

After the first year, when he/she says jump…you will reply, ….”Let me think about it first to see if I really want to jump”

2. Money is a sleeping Giant and you better set the foundation of money right during courtship else it can destroy your marriage. Love your partner more than you love money….P:S (women), there is no such thing as “My” money…. Its “Our” money!!

3. Expect the unexpected….many of us plan for children in the first year, some of you plan for a house, plan for a better car etc… but you may find yourself waiting for a child after 5years….don’t freak out. Allow God to write your story….after all, its his-tory (History)

4.Your-in-laws can be Heavenly sent or otherwise..either way, they are tools to teach you how to love like Jesus, Jesus said… if you love only those who loves you then how are you better than the publicans?

5. Truly, food is a way to a man’s heart

6.Your Beauty/handsomeness is highlighted during courtship/dating…. but after you are married and deflowered, cleanliness and character will speak louder for you!!

7. You can never change any human being…whatever you ignore during dating/courtship…hoping you will change later in your marriage…will become gigantic after you are married and your eyes become clear from butterfly love…shine your eyes, anything that is bad now, will only get worse!!

8. Opposite attracts couples to each other but after marriage, the fact that he/she is not like you can also becomes annoying but it keeps your home balanced!!

If you are too spontaneous, your partner may slow you down to think better and make better decisions!!

9. The goal of marriage is not for him/her to “make you happy” but for you to be Holy and have a companion…happiness and contentment comes from God…so, marriage is so wonderful when you allow God to lead both of you….fix your eyes on Jesus and you will not tear each other apart.

The Ex-Nollywood actress featured in Cage, The Groom’s Bride, Governor’s Gift, The Game and several other movies, but in 2012, something happened to Joy and she decided to stop making movies, especially the ones that are non-christian.

According to her, since she gave her life to Christ, she hasn’t done any production.


Photos of Evangelist Joy Edjeren And Husband
Photos of Evangelist Joy Edjeren And Husband


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