Nnamdi Kanu More Admired Than His Enemies –Facebook User

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Trending: An IPOB/MNK detractor and hater, in his post on Facebook questioned why Flavour should mension Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a track (Umuigbo) of his latest album.

Prince Ify Chijioke commented on the post as below;

“Kelechi Risen Sun Kelechi, I think you should take a break, and learn historically and diplomatically how things are done. You just came online to mock what you don’t actually understand.

How I wish you know exactly the gravity of that song, how I wish you have the slightest idea.

Mandela was sung out of prison, Fela never fired a shot, but used music to set the asses of the military on fire.

You may not like Nnamdi kanu, his face or how he talks, but you see that guy, he is more admired than his enemies.

Flavour to have used a track to dedicate to the struggle, telling us about the war, the need to come together, and mentioning kanu, is very commendable, and a pointer. It’s only people that are bereft of astute understanding, or those that lacks the requisite knowledge of how things work that will make mockery of it, or laugh at those celebrating her. I think you should know better by now, but unfortunately you haven’t grown.

Nnamdi kanu is not perfect, he is human like you and I, and not immune to mistakes, but don’t throw the baby, and the basket away. Kanu has achieved far more than you can ever comprehend, and it’s another fact. Please stop the hate, cos it will eat you up slowly.

After written texts, another form that memories are saved and people use to air their views and support is through songs. Flavour has sung Kanu, to a height, and theirs nothing you or anyone can do about it.

Watch other artists tow same path. Leave Kanu and IPOB alone. They haven’t done you any harm.

Take care.”




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