Igbo-Born-American Soldier Supports The Eastern Security Network: 

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Since the launch of the Eastern Security Network by IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu several opinions has been expressed both home and the diaspora.

meanwhile, it’s just like a joke, but the whole thing is becoming interesting after a huge support by a notable igbo-born American soldier, Akachukwu Okeke, who recently wrote on his Facebook account:

“I just watched a 9 minute video of the EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK. As a soldier, you can’t help but recognize things and with support, they will be successful. They were very disciplined in their display of military drill and ceremony. What impressed me the most were their faces. They believe in what they are doing…I hope they receive the suppprt and backing of the PEOPLE. The coming months will be interesting. I saw women there too…No slay queen bullshit.”–He Wrote On His FB Page.

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