May 6, 2021

Come And Marry Us! We have responsible women in the industry please, Nollywood Actress Eluke Begs Men

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We have responsible women in the industry please 

Nollywood actress, Adaeze Eluke, has pleaded with Nigerian men who love to have friendship with actresses but don’t consider them marriage materials.

According to the pretty actress, they are still  some actresses in the Nollywood that are responsible women that can as well make good homes.

She noted: ” Most Nigerian men want a date/fling with an actress oya marry her keep for house na wahala 🤷🏾‍♀️Especially Igbo men. We have responsible women in the industry please.”

Adaeze Eluke
Adaeze Eluke

recalled that sometime ago, Adaeze Eluke had said that men who stay with unfaithful, abusive and manipulative women because they are the breadwinners, need to leave such relationships as they wouldn’t die of hunger.

She also stated that such men should end the marriage by going back to collect the brideprice paid on these women. To the single men, she advised that they ‘run for their lives’ — Vanguard News

“Hey bro if she cheats, manipulates and abuses you physically behind close door because she brings food to the table, go collect back bride price wey you pay. If you haven’t married her, run for your life.You will not die of hunger, Soro Soke Sir.”


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