June 14, 2021

Femi Kayode: FG Might Be Sharing Money With Boko Haram:

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As kidnapping became the order of the day in the country, former minister of aviation, Femi Fani Kayode has revealed the possibility of Federal government of Nigeria working with Boko Haram for business deals.

Recall that Boko Haram leader, Shekau claimed responsibility for the kidnap of the school boys which was later released after a huge amount of money was paid as ransom by the Federal government.

The outspoken barrister noted on Twitter:

The “kidnap” was a well-orchestrated scam to make money?

4 million pounds was paid in return for the “kidnapped” boys and the release of three Boko Haram commanders?

The money was shared between the terrorists, some security chiefs and some senior Government officials?

Can all this be true?

Meanwhile Boko Haram abducted 35 travellers from a Borno highway yesterday whilst ANOTHER set of children were “kidnapped” by terrorists from their school in Mahuta, Dandume LGA, Katsina state last night.

This is just a day after the students that were kidnapped in Kankara were released.

You refuse to label bandits & killer herdsmen as terrorists yet they are ravaging the north by killing & kidnapping people. It is IPOB who have never kidnapped or killed anyone & who only wish to exercise their right of self-determination that you call terrorists! Shame on you!

..Millions from all over the country, including the South,prayed for their release & they also deserved to understand what you said to the kids when you met them. If you want Nigeria to remain one then treat us all as equals. If you do not then carry on with what you are doing.

You addressed the Kankara students at a public gathering in front of the nations media in Hausa rather than English. May I remind Mr. President that English is the lingua franca of Nigeria & not Hausa & that those kids are NIGERIAN children and not just Hausa Fulani children.

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