April 22, 2021

The evangelist that backslided….or did he? By Joy Edjeren

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The evangelist that backslided….or did he?

Ken was a terrible sinner and he lived his sinful life on the street of Baltize. He soon ran into Robert. Robert is the General overseer of a large church and he preached to Ken. The Holy Spirit took over and Ken was converted.

Ken soaked himself in the scriptures day and night and he was zealous for the work of God. Soon he was lead to go to the city of Zeus.

When he arrived, the people of that city were soaked in deep idolatry, Fornication, Adultery, ritual killings, witchcraft and every sin on Earth.

The people of Zeus also have special celebration each year in which they called ”Zeus’s Day” on that day, they ate large meals, buy each other gifts, commit adultery and fornication and do all sorts of terrible things.

Ken observed the people in this city for 2 years. He preached to many of them but no one listen to him. Ken soon discovered that the King of the city, Zeus is a very wicked man and he will not allow anyone to convert to Christianity.

One day, Ken met Zeus’s right hand man called “Town-crier” and Ken preached to him. The Holy Spirit touch Town-crier and he was converted. Town-crier abandon the king and joined Ken.

Town-crier told Ken that the people of the city will not listen to him if he preached to them alone, so Ken invited Town-crier to join him so they could preach to the people of Zeus’s City….soon, the whole city was converted.

The people in the city of Zeus usually worship Zeus on Wednesdays because that is their free day from work and so the people now asked Ken, what should we do about worship day?

Ken replied that since Wednesday is the only free day they have, they can worship Christ on that day. But that true worship is in truth and in spirit not tied to a day.

So everyone happily worshiped Christ together on Wednesday and no longer went to the temple of Zeus.

As the months went by, the people returned and asked Ken and the town crier: What are we going to do about Zeus’s day? We love to celebrate but we can no longer celebrate Zeus….so what do we call that day now?

So Ken told them to call it “Christ- Day” and Ken taught them to abstain from fornication, gluttony and every sinful practice associated with Zeus but they can celebrate that day in honor of Christ, who saved them.

The whole city Rejoiced and changed the name of “Zeus’s Day” to “Christ Day” and celebrated the occasion in honor of the Lord.

King Zeus saw that the city had deserted him and that everything is now about Christ!!

The people ate shrimp and thanked Christ, they went to church on Wednesday and thanked Christ, and they did all things in honor of the Lord!!

Zeus became very furious and he decided to do a research about Ken to learn about Ken’s background and so Zeus learned everything he could about Ken and his previous city.

Zeus now went to Baltize and met with Ken’s General overseer Robert and incited the general overseer against Ken.

G.S Robert and some of his men arrived at the city of Zeus and saw that the people did not worship God on Sunday or Saturday like his own church does, he noticed the women did not tie wrapper like his own church does even though they were covered up, he noticed that the city even have a day called “Christ-day” which used to be “Zeus’s day” and GS Robert became furious!!

He called Ken and shouted at Ken in front of everyone. He said ken should have taught the city to worship only on the day Baltize church worship, which is Sunday and observed “Harvest day” and ” First fruits” instead of “Christ-day” and he was very angry at Ken.

Ken appealed to GS Robert that, the scripture says those who worship the Lord will worship him in truth and in spirit and the worship of the Lord is not tied to a day of the week but to the heart of man. Ken explained that clothing is meant to cover our nakedness and that as long as both men and women are covered,….they were not obligated to tying wrapper or looking exactly alike.
Ken concluded that the people of Zeus were office workers and not farmers, and so he could not tell them to celebrate harvest and first fruits days because it is not part of their lifestyle. And so as long as whatever they want to celebrate is for the Lord and does not involve sin….he taught them that its ok.

G.S Robert replied to Ken that he now knows that Ken is a backslidden Christian and hence forth no longer part of his church. How dare Ken think outside of the establishment of his church and as Ken and GS Robert goes back and forth in their argument

King Zeus appealed to the whole city and to his town crier and said: City of Zeus, do you see how confused this people are? They came and told you not to fornicate, not to have fun and made you worship a God that you cannot see…they even change my day- Zeus’s day into Christ-day and all of you gullible people followed them. But look at them, confused and bickering, they don’t even know what they believe.

I gave you freedom to do whatever you like, fornicate on Zeus’s day, dress and show your body, drink and get drunk, marry as many women as you want and when we practiced this, we all had understanding….now come back to me because this Christ people have no agreement…look at them!!

So the town crier and the whole city saw how the Christians disagreed bitterly and then the town crier slowly walked over and joined King Zeus. One by one, the rest of the town’s people went back to Zeus as the Christians were arguing.

G.S Robert banished Ken from his Church and decided to go and evangelize another city that were ready to confirm to his standards. Ken went into the wilderness to seek God on these things.

The town of Zeus returned to their evil lifestyle. But every once in a while, the town crier will sit outside his door and cry in his sin… remembering Ken, the young evangelist. A question came to the town crier’s mind:
Was Ken a backslidden Christian?

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