May 8, 2021

Newly Wedded Nigerian Man Suleiman And US Wife, Departs Nigeria For California:

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Suleiman Isah, a 26-year-old Kano-based man, and Janine Sanchez Reimann, a 46-year-old American woman, have departed Nigeria for the California in United States a week after their wedding.

26 Years Isah took to his Instagram page on Wednesday to share their photos in a flight traveling to California, United States of America.

In one of the photos, the young man and Reimann his wife, were seen wearing facemasks while taking a selfie.

The CABLE reported that the couple are headed to California, where Janine is based.

The mother of two had earlier revealed that the pair had agreed to settle down in the US immediately after their marriage.

Isah and Janine’s love journey began in 2019 when they both met on Instagram, after which they exchanged pictures and continued an online dating that would eventually result in marriage.

Expect had earlier reported how the lovebirds tied the knot at a decorated event in Kano last two weeks Sunday.

Janine who is a chef in Lindon, California, had during a visit to Nigeria in January, disclosed that Isah’s sincerity endeared him to her.

Isah had also dismissed the age difference between them, arguing that “it’s even the Sunna of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, to marry a woman who is far older than you.”

Isa recently stated due to love, that he can’t love a Nigerian woman again following his experience with the American wife.

Suleiman Isah and Janine Anne Reimann
Suleiman Isah and Janine Anne Reimann
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