March 3, 2021

Northern Muslims visit church to celebrate christmas with Christians in Nasarawa

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On 25th December, as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria known as Shia, Nasarawa State branch visited one of the largest churches in Lafia the state capital to express their support with  the Christian population.

According to the source, the prayer session was held at the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC), Graceland Lafia, Nasarawa State.

Mallam Muhammad Aminu Leader of the Islamic group, explained that they were at the church to pray for the healing of the country and Nasarawa State in particular as well as rejoice with Christians on the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

He noted that the birth of Jesus Christ was significant to mankind hence the need for them to rejoice together in love as enshrined in the Holy books adding that the two major religions believe that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah.

“We are today worshipping here with our Christians brothers and sister to Strengthens the bond of unity, oneness and to pray for the healing and forgiveness of our country and Nasarawa in particular.”

Also speaking, Mallama Zainab Mohammed said there is no discrimination in worshipping God hence the need for people to tolerate one another irrespective of their belief.

The Pastor of the Church, Reverend Habila Anthony had earlier announced the presence of the Shia members adding that the visit of the Muslims was genuine and urged the members not to fear.

Rev. Habila Anthony described the fellowship by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria to the church as a sign of unity and love that religion is known for.


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