2021: Lord’s Chosen G.O, Pst Lazarus Muoka Releases New Year Prophecies For the world

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Those who will serve God faithfully shall overcome in all things

The founder and the general Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka has released the new year blessings and prophecies as he ministered in the church annual beginning of the year program titled, “Change of Garment”

He began with appreciation to God almighty, “I want to start this year on a Thanksgiving Note. I want to specially thank the Righteous Daddy for keeping everyone of us all through the hard times of 2020. It was indeed a year filled with surprises but God through it all, helped everyone of us to witness the beginning of another year – YEAR 2021.

I joyfully welcome you all to this brand new year (2021) and hear what the Lord says;


~ You see you, in this 2021, you shall overcome the uncertainties that it will bring. The affliction of the past year shall not rise again the second time.

~ God shall help you in all you do.

~ Those who will serve God faithfully shall overcome in all things.

~ Your blessings shall be by favour and not by struggle.

~ What stopped you in the previous years shall be a servant to you this year. God will give you all you have lost in the previous years.

~ Men shall serve God because of your prosperity.

~ God shall heal the land (Nigeria and the world at large)

~ Your children shall not cause you pain anymore. They shall be blessings to you.

~ Every day of 2021 shall be blessing to you.

God desire your full concentration and your faithful service to him this year. If you walk in holiness and righteousness, you shall win in all things.

Happy New Year To All Chosen Family And The Whole World!


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