May 6, 2021

Ebonyi Community Seek IPOB Help as Fulani Headsmen Dominates Part Of State:

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According to the Family Writers Press International, Ebonyi Community Seek Help From IPOB as Fulani Invaders Renamed some part of Ebonyi Community The marauding Fulani Islamist killers, acting…

The marauding Fulani Islamist killers, acting at the instance of Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, have taken a step further to consolidate their foothold in the State. Governor Dave Umahi has singlehandedly sold out an expanse of Ebonyi land located at Agbabor-Isu in Onicha Local Government Area, to his Fulani brothers from the Sahel.

Agbabor is a town that lies next by the left side to Dave Umahi’s community called Uburu. Isu however, lies closest to Uburu with Agbabor as their identificational ancestral homeland.

“Dave Umahi has the effrontery to give out Ebonyi land to these Fulani terrorists who renamed the ancient home town of Agbabor, to “Aruu”.

Two weeks ago, a Fulani boy for instance, reportedly had a misunderstanding with another boy, a native of a nearby indigenous community. The Fulani boy rushed back to their colony only to return with a squad of dare-devil killers, armed with deadly weapons. They sporadically shot for hours, with everyone within the neighborhood scampering for safety outside their homes.

As reminiscent with compromised Igbo politicians and traditional rulers, the Onicha Local Government Council Chairman and the Ezes (traditional rulers/chiefs), took sides with the terrorists just to justify the alluring glory they are enjoying from the Umahi government which gifted them with cozy cars and appease their “god” occupying Ebonyi Government House.

Agbabor indigenes are presently crying out for help from all concerned citizens particularly, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). They desperately want their homeland totally retrieved from the fistic grip of Governor Dave Umahi and his Fulani terrorist brethren.

Presently in Agbabor town, two additional plots of land (bush lands), have been forcefully ceded to the occupying Fulanis. They have been energized through this development, to blatantly put up more than one hundred fifty structures/huts in their mad expansionist drive. The land in question is massive and Dave Umahi and his Fulani oppressors/killers must not be allowed to get away with this travesty.

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