April 22, 2021

Nigerian Government Insists On NIN Deadline

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The Federal Government says the deadlines given for the registration of all Subscriber Identification Modules SIM with valid National Identity Numbers are still in force.

It also stated that the National Identity Number is mandatory for diplomats who reside in Nigeria, as well as for all other lawful residents across the country.

Recall that on December fifteenth, 2020, the Federal Government declared that after December thirtieth, 2020, all Subscriber Identification Modules that are not registered with valid Subscriber Identification Modules on the network of telecommunications companies will be blocked.

It later extended the December thirtieth, 2020 deadline following widespread opposition against the earlier announcement and gave three-week extension for subscribers with Subscriber Identification Module from December thirtieth, 2020 to January nineteenth, 2021.

It also gave six-week extension for subscribers without Subscriber Identification Module from December thirtieth, 2020 to February ninth, 2021, but many organizations had called for further deadline extension or outright suspension of the National Identity Number integration process.

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