April 17, 2021

Corona isn’t spiritual, it is beyond your village people –iROKOtv CEO, Njoku told Africans

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Dear Africans, COVID-19 is not a family secret

Message to all Africans from the co-founder, and CEO of iROKOtv, Mary Remmy Njoku who recently caught COVID-19.

“Dear Africans, COVID-19 is not a family secret. If you’re infected, telling everyone you have been in contact with will not reduce your chances of getting better. God bless you as you do so…,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

She said, “Corona isn’t spiritual, it is beyond your village people. So don’t be afraid to let people know you had or still have it. Save lives.”

Mrs Njoku and husband Jason had added to the list of celebrities in Nigerian to test positive for Coronavirus – Vanguard

Jason Njoku had announced the his contraction of the Coronavirus on his twitter page and noted: “My enemies are hard at work in 2020. Mrs. Njoku and I tested positive for Covid-19.
“I’m not feeling great, but Mary is well. Literally no idea how I caught it. But we shall see this pass too.”

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