May 8, 2021

BREAKING: little girl weds old man in northern Nigeria

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A picture of the couple’s wedding calendar was posted on Twitter after their marriage ceremony was held on Friday, Jan 22.

Though the bride’s (girl) age is not known, she looks very young while her groom looks old.

Nigerians on social media condemned the marriage, adding that it is child abuse.

These are some comments of condemnations from the social media users.

@keisha__kawosha: “These people are sick to the brain.”

@mezie_obi: “The thing now is you don’t see this happening in rich northern families.”

@SamueloLadipo8: “We have never heard or seen children & grandchildren of Governors, Emirs, elites of the North given out in marriage to grandfathers & great-grandfathers. It’s hypocrisy to give out girl child in marriage. Northern Nigeria leaders are destroying the lives of their children.”

@Ubyudoh: “That little child needs help.”

@EmekaEzeanya: “My rage is that this is happening in 2021. These people are dragging us 100yrs backward.”

@AzeezEnesi: “Abuse… Child Abuse!!”

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