February 27, 2021

Police clash with farmers who continue their protest against the Govt

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Police clash with farmers who continue their protest against the central government’s recent agricultural reforms, at Singhu border near New Delhi, India, on Friday, January 29, REUTERS Reports.

Clashes broke out Friday between protesting Indian farmers and a group of men shouting anti-farmer and pro-police slogans, and authorities used tear gas and batons to break up the fight at one of several protest sites near the capital New Delhi.

Leaders of the group accused local police and politicians of instigating skirmishes at the northern site to turn sentiment against them after thousands of farmers marched overnight to reinforce colleagues camping out on the outskirts of New Delhi.

It should be noted that the protesting farmers want the government to withdraw three new farm laws they say will hurt their livelihoods for the benefit of large private produce buyers.

In a stand-off between riot police and the farmers, authorities Thursday night tried to clear a protest site in the city’s east, but most farmers refused to move and large numbers joined them. Their leaders said any retreat would constitute surrender.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government introduced the new agricultural laws in September, triggering a wave of protests and sit-ins on some of the major approaches to New Delhi.

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