June 15, 2021

PM Boris Johnson Calls for World Treaty on Pandemics:

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The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on yesterday suggested he would support a global treaty on pandemics that would establish standards for data-sharing and transparency.

The minister made the call during his usual COVID-19 briefing from his office in London, when asked about the World Health Organization team’s recently concluded visit to Wuhan, China, to find the origin of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the United States President, Joe Biden had called on China to make its data from the earliest days of the outbreak available to the world so that it may better understand this pandemic and be ready for the next one.

Johnson agreed with those comments and the Biden administration’s call for transparency and said he would go a step further and support a global pandemic treaty that would create a general agreement on how data is shared and on ensuring transparency.

Recall that the European Council President Charles Michel first proposed the idea of a pandemic treaty last November at the Paris Peace Forum. Such a treaty would likely be developed with the participation of U.N. agencies, civil society groups and nongovernmental agencies.

Countries signing on to such a treaty would, in the event of a pandemic, have a set of standards and guidelines governing how information is shared with the rest of the world.


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