June 15, 2021

BREAKING: Anambra-Born Obinwanne Okeke Bag 10 Years Imprisonment By US Court For Cyber Crime:

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Anambra-Born Obinwanne Okeke Bag 10 Years Imprisonment By US Court For Cyber Crime:

A Nigerian businessman, from Ukpor, Nnewi South LGA of Anambra State, who once appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine, has been jailed for 10 years in the US over a cyber fraud scam that led to the theft of about $11m (£8m).

Obinwanne Okeke, popularly known as Invictus Obi, used Nigerian-based companies to defraud people in the US.
His companies used phishing emails to steal funds from victims.
In 2016 Forbes Africa listed Okeke among the most  successful and most important rich businessmen under the age of 30.

From around 2015 to 2019, the young man was part of a group which engaged in a conspiracy to conduct various computer-based frauds, including creating fake websites, the US Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Virginia said in a statement after he was jailed.

According to the source, 33-year-old, who was arrested two years ago, used “subterfuge and impersonation” to lure his victims.

Okeke’s Invictus Group companies were also accused of working with conspirators to create profiles of hundreds of victims including people in the US’s Eastern District of Virginia.

In one phishing onslaught in 2018 the fraudsters managed to gain access to the email of a manager at Unatrac Holding Limited, the export sales office for Caterpillar’s heavy industrial and farm equipment.
They did fraudulent wire transfers to the value of nearly $11m, and moved the funds outside the country.

Okeke’s case demonstrated the US authorities’ determination to pursue international cybercriminals no matter where they committed their crimes, said the statement from the Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Virginia. This is a recent news update by the BBC.


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