May 6, 2021

BREAKING: Africa’s Leading Real Estate Company Bamboo, Emerges First firm to accept Payment With Bitcoin

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Africa’s Leading Real Estate Company Bamboo, Emerges First firm to accept Payment With Bitcoin:

One of the leading provider of housing comfort and ambience in Africa, Bamboo Real Estate and Construction Limited has concluded plans to accept Cryptocurrency as its service payments.

The process which kicks off February, 2021 pledged to be an exciting and thrilling experience says the company management at an unveiling session recently.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company Osayemon Ighodaloh said. “As a leading provider of comfortable land and housing, innovation and technology have always been our hallmark, hence the need to adapt to smarter means of payment for Africa’s growing tech savvy population.”

He unveiled that digital currency was the future of money and that Bamboo was proud to be the first to embrace it as well as lead the way for other real estate brands across Africa.
“This is a historic and redefining moment as it demonstrates our renewed energy in coming up with solutions to serve Nigeria and indeed Africa better,” Ighodaloh said.

He stated that opening a cryptocurrency account is entirely free and payment with Bitcoin is easy, fast, with transaction charges much lesser than conventional banks. “You can take advantage, and do business better with us,” he enjoined..
Ighodaloh revealed that the new payment method applied to all their products and services including Bamboo Capital and Investment company which he says happens to be one of the single largest investment platforms in Nigeria at the moment, with an over $20m equity in Real estate.

“Bamboo Capital provides members of the public the opportunity of investing money by buying land in any of our different estates and getting a return on investment (RoI) along with initial capital after 12,18 or 24 months when the investor decides to return ownership of landed property to the company.

“It is a new era, the global economy has gone digital and we at Bamboo are taking you along with us,” Ighodaloh summed up.

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