May 15, 2021

Rev. Fr. Livinus Nnamani Dies In Rome  Weeks After His Ordination

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The Igbo Catholic Priest who was ordained a Priest on the 1st of April, 2021 by the Auxiliary Bishop of Rome has died.

Rev. Fr. Livinus Esomchi Nnamani aged 31 years was suffering from Leukemia and his sickness was quite critical & terminal.

Fr. Livinius made the decision to write to Pope Francis, asking him to bring forward his ordination. The reply came quickly on 31 March: Pope Francis gave his permission. The following day, Livinius was ordained a priest at the Presidio Sanitario Medica Group Casilino Hospital in Rome.

After few weeks of his Priestly Ordination, Rev. Fr. Livinus Esomchi has gone to rest in the Love and Peace of his creator.

May Almighty Father grant him eternal rest.

[ABS News]

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