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It’s no secret that people nowadays can get very tired of their daily routines and end up feeling burnt out at the end of the day. To help combat this, you can turn on your phone, laptop or tablet and tune in to our articles here at Expect Breaking News! There are lots of different articles for you to enjoy no matter what topic it’s about. 

We have lots of readers who are interested in celebrity news or feature articles happening in Nigeria and in other parts of the world. The goal is to make a bridge between local and foreign news because we want Nigerians to learn more about other countries and vice versa. 

So, if you would like to know more about our lifestyle articles, you’re in luck! We have a few snippets of our top stories for you, and all of these along with dozens more are at your disposal here at Expect Breaking News. Please see the list of stories we have prepared for you in the coming section:

Medical diagram of a black fetus gains praise in the medical field 

In a world where the white race is dominantly accepted in society, there have been centuries worth of fighting for equality. People of colour all over the world are still fighting for certain rights, no matter how small the matter is. When it comes to medical diagrams and photos, it has been known that white people are the primary model. 

Nigerian neurosurgeon Chidiebere Ibe created a medical diagram of a fetus and designed for its colour to become black instead of the typical white shades. This instantly caused the diagram to blow up on social media and got the attention of millions of people around the world. 

According to Ibe, he said that he feels honoured with all of the calls, messages and comments that he has been receiving. ‘A lot of people called and were crying. I feel very emotional. People saw themselves and were able to see their skin’. 

Aside from being a neurosurgeon, Ibe has shared that he also wishes to become an artist. This is where the idea of making medical diagrams started when he was a student. Since he is moving to Ukraine the following year to continue his work, he has said that he will continue with creating medical art alongside his job.

The inspiration behind the artworks is simply due to the inequality behind black or dark-skinned people compared to others. Ibe has said that he wishes to keep making artworks and hopefully work with patients and publishers in the future. 

Nigerian schoolgirls to receive higher education opportunities in STEM

The Nigerian government has said that they are planning for the educational sector to focus more on offering STEM courses and topics to students, particularly to Nigerian girls. The country has struggled with following curriculums and promoting a sense of equality in terms of quality of education. 

According to President Muhammadu Buhari, the government is now looking into big changes in the educational centres around the country. Thousands of schools are set to be remodelled and students are expected to go back to school soon. 

Teachers around the country will also be retrained and the government will be looking for more educators both locally and internationally to help with increasing the number of lessons and specialities in schools. 

‘A lack of good education in STEM subjects is holding back the nation’s growth and depriving its youth of career opportunities. It is well known that Africa’s long-term economic prospects are being constrained by severe skills shortages in many career sectors; one of the areas that require immediate attention is STEM’. 

Give Girls a Chance is an NGO based in Nigeria that advocates for equality in the county and around the world as well. According to their statement, they believe that the solution to helping girls attain a good level of opportunities and skills is to prioritize their education first. 

As of now, there are no concrete projects that the government has started or how long the initiative will be. Rolling out a new educational system is not easy and can take several years to implement properly. 

Rihanna’s line ‘Fenty’ named the favourite cosmetic brand in Nigeria

Those who like to follow the entertainment industry and its celebrities have always enjoyed new product releases or projects that they can use for themselves. Singer and actress Rihanna has been all the rage in Nigeria thanks to her new cosmetic line called Fenty Beauty. 

The cosmetic company was first launched in 2017 and has gained traction around the world to be one of the best brands out there. Aside from the excellent quality, the shades of the makeup products are beautiful and cater to the skin tone of all people of the spectrum. 

According to Rihanna, it has always been her dream to launch Fenty Beauty and ‘make women everywhere feel included’. 

As of now, Fenty Beauty is retailing in Nigeria for around N23,000 to N25,000. Experts in Africa are searching for popular brands in various countries based on the number of purchases and search results online. It turns out that many countries in the continent, including Nigeria, enjoy buying products from Fenty Beauty. 

Why do people enjoy reading feature articles?

If you’re the kind of person who has seen feature articles but has never tried getting into the genre, then why not give it a read? You will find that our articles here at Expect Breaking News are written well and will always offer excellent content. For more information on why people enjoy it, check out the list of reasons below: 

Escaping from negative news and content online 

It has been the norm for people to see and hear about negative news whether locally or internationally. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s also a good idea to separate yourself from all of that negativity once in a while. So, if you read feature articles or entertainment-based news, it’s a great way to forget all about negativity. 

We would like to think that we are proud of our feature articles here at Expect Breaking News. It can also be stressful for us to write about basic news all the time, and so feature articles help us along with thousands of other readers to let loose and think about something else for a change. A little lighthearted content will always help you out. 

Follow persons and projects of interest

If you are the kind of person who idolizes a certain film, actor, actress or singer, then there is a good chance that you can learn more about them online. We at Expect Breaking News do our best to help our customers follow their favourite personalities and projects in showbiz. Not only is it entertaining, but it makes a lot of people happy. 

We often publish articles about actors, actresses and new projects that are coming up. Supporting the local talent is essential, but we also cover stories from events around the world. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch with different projects and maybe even provide inspiration for you as well! 

Find inspiration and tips for your own life 

One of the best things about the internet is that it has an endless supply of content. Whether you’re looking for basic cooking recipes or tips to help grow the plants in your garden, there are so many options out there! Whenever you access this content or read our lifestyle articles at Expect Breaking News, you can find tips to use in your daily routine.

The topics can vary depending on the season or whether or not the topic is trending. Either way, you should always find some references or guides online especially if you’re feeling like you’ve hit a dead-end in creativity. 

Get in touch with one’s hobbies and interests 

There is no denying that everyone has hobbies of their own, and these can vary depending on your personality. Some people enjoy crocheting while others like singing or dancing. Either way, reading our lifestyle news section here at Expect Breaking News is a good way to hone these hobbies and so much more! 

Caring for your interests is important because it’s your way of cooling down and thinking about something else for a change. Escaping the stress and being in your little world now and then is always something to look forward to. So, be sure to take a look at our articles and you’re sure to find something of interest. 

If you would like to read other kinds of articles, we also have them here at Expect Breaking News! Simply visit our website and you’ll be able to find different categories depending on what you’re looking for.

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