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Sports is one of the many things in the world that brings people together. Even though others aren’t necessarily inclined to do sports, it’s a great way to work with others and channel your sense of nationality. Whether you’re an athlete or a simple sports enthusiast, supporting teams and players from all over the world is always a good idea. 

This is why we at Expect Breaking News decided to open our own sports section and share our knowledge with the local readers. Both local and foreign sports news are published here in our paper, and it’s our dream to eventually have a bigger team and increase our coverage. 

Through reading our articles, we hope that it might be the perfect avenue for you to reignite your love for sports and maybe even discover some new information! The stories of various teams and players are inspiring, and it’s a good way for others to learn and entertain themselves with. 

If you would like to know more about our sports section and what it offers, take a look at some of the top stories we have this month! 

Quadri Aruna sets an African record for table tennis

The local athletes in Nigeria are certainly very talented, so it makes sense that Quadri Aruna once again surprises the locals by achieving yet another record in his sports career. Last Tuesday, Aruna reached the 13th position in the world ITTF ranking (International Table Tennis Federation). This is the highest position to ever be reached by an African player. 

This is not the first record that Aruna has set. He has previously competed in Houston, Texas in the United States and became the first African player to reach the quarter-final stage in the World Table Tennis Championships. 

The championship and world cup finals will be scheduled from December 4 to 7 in Singapore and Aruna is already one of the top 20 players to be invited to the event. After the release of the ranking results, the locals in Nigeria and other countries in Africa are rooting for Aruna to represent the continent. 

When the news of the latest ITTF ranking was released, Aruna expressed his happiness in a statement. ‘I am so excited to improve my world ranking, and this means I must work hard to remain on top in the world. This is another task I must face in my career, and I will not relent to do my best as I look forward to the WTTF Cup Finals taking place this weekend in Singapore’. 

Victor Osimhen has returned to the field following a major injury

Nigerian player and Super Eagles Striker Victor Osimhen has officially returned to training following a facial accident in their last match with Inter Milan. Osimhen’s cheekbone and a portion of his head were slammed against another player, causing a painful fracture. 

According to the surgeon who operated, Gianpaolo Tartaro shared that he needed to place 6 plaques and 18 screws into Osimhen’s face to repair the damage. 

To help announce his return, the Twitter account for Official SSC Napoli posted a video of Osimhen officially back on the training grounds. The post garnered hundreds of comments and thousands of likes from his supporters, celebrating the return of Osimhen to the field. 

In response to all of the positive feedback and words of encouragement, Osimhen also posted on his Twitter account and talked about how much he appreciated those who reached out to him. ‘No time to dwell on past transgressions, looking forward to the greater things ahead’. 

As of now, there are no updates on any upcoming games and which position Osimhen will be playing. Fans are expecting that his return will help the team bounce back from the last four games without him, where they only won a single match. 

Nigerian sports enthusiast commits suicide after losing N150,000 to sports betting

A Nigerian man based in Abuja has reportedly taken his own life following a major loss of N150,000. According to reports made by PM News, the man was given the money to pay his colleagues and distribute it fairly. Instead of doing so, he bet all of it in a sports betting event, hoping to double the amount and keep it for himself. 

However, all of the money was lost. He soon failed to report to work and ignited worry from his family and co-workers after he disappeared. 

Abuja was found the next day by his neighbours and colleagues when no one heard from him. He was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his home. When his body was found, the authorities were contacted and are now leading an investigation to learn more about the event. 

There are currently no reports or statements published by Abuja’s workplace or any of his family members. As of now, the Federal Capital Territory Police Command in the Nigerian region is handling the case until it closes. 

Why should you immerse yourself in the world of sports?

With all of the news snippets that we have shown you today, there is no denying that Nigeria is filled with lots of talented athletes both in and out of the country. If you are still on the fence about reading these feature articles, then check out some of the reasons we have to help you get into the world of sports: 

Develop a sense of camaraderie

One of the best things about sports is that it brings people together no matter who they are or where they are from. If you can connect through sports, then nothing else needs to be said. If you ever come to a game in a stadium and watch with strangers, you will find that you will be great friends with them instantly.

Bond with family and friends

Aside from having a good connection with other sports fans, you can also use it as an excuse to spend time with your loved ones. This is even better if your family and friends are sports fans as well. Imagine yourself in your living room on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV with your family and friends as you prepare food and drinks!

Proves that people of all ages can enjoy sports 

Many stereotypes are surrounding the fact that only young men and women are supposed to perform sports. This is extremely inaccurate because anyone can play sports no matter what age they are. For example, toddlers can start with basic sports as soon as they can walk, run or throw.

Enjoy the thrill and suspense

Another thing that people love about sports is the idea that it can be so exciting both on and off the arena. It’s the perfect excuse for you to scream and pour your entire heart and soul out into the game and the players that you love. There will be times when you feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins and your heart pounding faster than ever before. 

While you can certainly have a good game in the comfort of your own home, there is nothing quite like being in the middle of a stadium. While everyone around you is screaming, you can enjoy the heat and energy of the whole room! 

Motivate yourself to start getting fit as well 

Aside from using it as a form of entertainment, following sports is a great way to motivate yourself as well. Before you know it, you might even find that you want to go to the gym or try your hand at a specific sport. Channelling your passions into your own life is always a good road to take. 

There are times when all people need is a little bit of inspiration to keep going. If you manage to see other athletes achieving their dreams and staying fit then you can do it as well! This is a great way to have a means of happiness, entertainment and inspiration to get fit as well! 

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