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Nowadays, the world has been taken over by the age of technology. It can be hard to find someone who doesn’t have their hands on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Everyone wants to get in on the latest technology and know all about new trends. This is why we at Expect Breaking News decided to help our readers by publishing local and international tech news. 

Whether you want to read entertaining technology tips or news about the government’s latest developments in Nigeria, this is the place for you! Not only are they informative, but you might even take a few tips to apply to your own tech journey! Get a glimpse of our top technology news in the section below: 

Meta officially launches campaign in Nigeria 

Thanks to a $30,000 amount saved up by Meta, the campaign for ‘Good Ideas Deserve to be Found’ has been launched in Nigeria. The event has begun this December 2021 and is set to go on until August 2022. 

Meta is a part of the Facebook group of companies and has decided to reach out to countries like Nigeria and assist with helping start-up companies find their footing and hopefully become more successful businesses down the road.

‘This festive season, we are delighted to provide SMBs with access to tools, personal advertising, training, support and solutions needed to grow their business. We continue our support of small businesses and to ensure they have a voice and ensure their good ideas are found by the right people.’

For the businesses that wish to register for the program, they need only fill up a form and submit it to the Meta website before the end of January 2022. From there, the program will formally begin and reach out to lots of local businesses in the country. 

Connecting Humanity appeals for $428 billion funding for tech materials

One of the missions of Connecting Humanity for the next few years is to acquire funding from various countries around the world and eventually raise $428 billion. The initiative will not only be available in Nigeria but in hundreds of other countries as well. 

The initiative of Connecting Humanity was introduced by the International Telecommunication Union. Its goal is to reach out to children and other uneducated members of society to give them the technological items needed for them to learn. 

The program includes gadgets, hiring teachers, IT personnel, wifi connectivity and so much more. If all goes well, the project is meant to go on until 2030, when the goal has officially been met. As of now, the ITU is gathering funds and preparing for a potential launch soon. 

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